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Nervous Patients

Most people will feel some degree of anxiety about a visit to the Dentist, whether it be for a simple check-up or for more complex treatments.

At Family Dental Care we take pride in caring for those patients who feel anxious about their dental experience. 
Your first visit as a new Patient will usually involve a thorough check of the mouth, gums and teeth, possibly some X-Rays and then a discussion about what has been found. All necessary treatments and the processes involved will be fully explained and any questions will be answered. A treatment plan will then be constructed and can be completed at a pace suited to the individual. 
Anxiety is usually a combination of factors relating to a visit to the Dentist. The most common include; embarrassment, a bad experience in the past, not having been for a long time, not being in control and also that the experience will be painful.
Your Dentist will work with you to overcome these feelings by taking the time to explain what is happening, making sure you feel in control of your situation and that you have the choice to stop at any stage. Painless dentistry can be achieved with the right technique.
If you still feel unable to complete treatment with your Dentist other options can always be explored. We can offer Hypnotherapy through the services of Keith Fowler Dip. C.Hyp/NLP www.keithfowler.org.uk  who can work with patients before, during and after their visit.
Letting us know if you feel nervous and asking questions will allow your Dentist to help you overcome any issues. The more we know, the more we can help!