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Tooth Whitening

Our teeth can become heavily stained from everyday foods and drinks such as tea and coffee.

Smoking can cause a “yellowing” of the teeth. Even with a perfect oral hygiene routine these stains can be difficult to remove. At Family Dental Care, custom-made at home trays using 10 percent carbamide peroxide are used to help correct this poor appearance.

At a Glance

Pre-treatment Requirements: Healthy dentition and good oral hygiene. 
Clinic Treatment: 15 Mins in Clinic Results: 1-2 Weeks
Treatment time: 2-3 Hours at Home Lasting duration: 3-6 Months
Back to work: Immediate Anaesthesia: Not Required
Aftercare at home: Minimal required.   
Review: 2 Week Review in Clinic
Risks & complications: Sensitivity



From: £260.00


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